A mini-course to help you understand the power you hold, identify where it's leaking, and exercises to help you claim what's yours.


The Restore program is a 10-week, online holistic health reboot program designed to guide you back to the roots of your dis-ease. Crafted with a blend of science-based practices and intuitive guidance from Jator. 

This program is for those who feel that they have tried everything and are still dealing with the symptoms of illness, disease, trauma, and other ailments that are keeping them from experiencing the life that they know, deep down, they are meant to live. 

Restore your connection to your heart, mind, gut, intuition, purpose. Restore your harmony. 

Transform your burnout from jealousy and comparison into fuel for JOY!


From Jealousy to Joy, a 3-hour deep dive to walk you through the process of transforming your jealousy burnout and comparison overload into an experience of joy. 

A workshop with holistic coach Jator Pierre.